Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Competitive scenario of today born out of globalization has been igniting the passion amongst businessmen to be on the top. Following this today people have been using one of the most important marketing sources called “internet”. Using this, traffic has been flocking different websites according to their requirements. But websites are numerous and search engine shows websites on the basis of ranking in a particular order. So, in order to increase search engine ranking and the desire to make one’s website appear frequently on the list and on the top the techniques of on page optimization is being used.
On page optimization refers to the way of structuring one’s webpage to enhance search engine ranking. A webpage consists of certain elements and those elements need to be structured effectively so that search engine can find the particular website for specific keyword(s). The basic purpose of one page optimization is to reinforce a particular website on demand of keywords and to enhance its position in search engine. Undoubtedly, on page optimization is one of the appropriate marketing strategies to increase the search engine ranking of your website and to hit your website again and again for particular keywords. On page optimization includes certain factors or elements that need to be changed or ponder upon.
Following is the list of factors:
Title tag: It is one of the most important factors that need to be considered in on pages optimization. Title tag should be relevant. Moreover, make sure that each of your webpage should have maximum of three keywords in your title tag. Scores of keywords may be considered as spam or junk by search engines.
Header tag: A header tag is the title of the subject matter or content placed on the webpage. It is H1 header tag. One must always keep it in mind that the entire page is read by search engine from top to bottom; therefore H1 header tag must hold most significant keyword and should be located on the top of the page leading to chances of more traffic.
Besides, if one wants to add sub head to its webpage then create another header tag “H2” and put second most significant word into it.
Page Content: It must be ensured that the keyword is running right through the page content. Keywords should be used in natural way. Always try to put primary or most important keywords in first or second sentence of the content. For instance, using your keyword once or twice in a big paragraph is appropriate. Excessive use of keywords in content makes content artificial and hence should not be used.
Alt tag: Alt tag on images must hold your keywords. Similar keywords should not be used to each image as it may be taken as spam by search engine.
Meta Description tag: It is the short description of a particular website which is incorporated or listed by search engine in its search result pages. Therefore, description should be written efficaciously as it helps in ameliorating the position of website. Description ranging from 2 to 3 sentences is sufficient. Long description should be avoided. Description should be so well written that it stimulates people to visit your website by clicking to it.
Thus, on page optimization is directly linked to structure and content of website. Hence, it is an important part of search engine optimization.

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