Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off page optimization

Link, Link, and Link ….Yes, the perfect word to describe off page optimization strategy. In layman terms, off page optimization involves back linking.

Off page optimization is a technique or strategy which is done off the page to enhance webpage search engine ranking. Off page optimization is not performed directly on the page. It is done to gain visibility in search engine results. Following are factors that play prominent role in off page optimization:

Link: It is used by search engine so as to serve the purpose of indexing the website. The primary work of off page optimization is to increase back links count. Back links mean links to one’s website from other websites. More the number of links to your website more will be the position of your website. Back links are segregated in two types:
a.)One way link: The term in itself is explanatory. It connotes that the owner of a relevant website links to your webpage regardless of asking you to make any link back in return.
b.)Reciprocal Link: It is based on the phenomenon of “give and take.” It says that links are placed by the owners of relevant websites to your website and in return link back is given to the particular owner.
Though reciprocal links seem beneficial but keep it in mind that search engines always give more weight to one way link over reciprocal.

Anchor text: It is the text or hypertext which is placed on the link on the partner’s website with which you exchanged link. This text will be clickable link to one’s website. One must ensure that this anchor text must have primary keyword(s). There are certain cases in which entire pertinent keywords can not be put in anchor text, either because of length factor or any other factor; so in such cases keywords should be put in title tag. It is also noted that if the anchor text is irrelevant or say it holds irrelevant keywords then it causes position loss of website.

Google Page Rank: While building back links don’t forget to go through Google page rank of a particular website. This could be done using Google toolbar. More the high page rank relevant websites linked to you more will be the prospects of your website to attain high ranking in Google. There is no specific guidelines concerning back links but it is suggested to make 5 to 10 back links every day to ensure safety.

Article Writing: It is one of the best ways to get truckloads of traffic. Write articles and submit those articles to article directories for publication. Don’t forget to mention link to your website in articles resource box. In this way, it would serve dual purpose. It will not only help you to get the benefit of one way linking but will also drive the intended traffic to your website.

Directories: In order to get back links, it is also suggested to submit website’s links to directories. Following are 3 kinds of listings which are generally offered by directories:
a. Paid Listing
b. Free Listing
c. Free Listing but asks for link back in return.

As far as first and third options are concerned, your link will be listed within days; provided it confirms to the guidelines and rules of the directories. On the contrary if you pick second option you will have to wait for long and even then also listing are not assured.

Press Release: It is also a significant way of getting one way links. Simply, just write and submit press releases announcing important events concerning your business along with a link to your website. Search and find out which websites accept press releases.

There were days when on page optimization was considered more important than off page optimization. But today on page optimization has been over abusing to; as a result off page optimization holds more importance and performs vital role in success of search engine optimization.

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