Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Link Building Services

In this highly competitive scenario it is crucial for every e-business to be one step ahead of its competitors in search engine ranking list in order to sustain, enhance business prospects and to flourish business. In order to accomplish the above said statement most of the web developers and search engine optimizers have been using the most significant strategy called LINK BUILDING SERVICES.
Links are nothing but certain html codes that are placed on one’s website which signalize towards another website. So, in this way many links are made to give boom to your business. Thus, link building is a method of tying up your website with another websites so as to improve website’s search engine ranking which in turn will facilitate a particular website to get listed on search engine result pages leading to high turnover of traffic visiting your website.
But before connecting with another websites it is recommended to make through research and analysis to reach any conclusion. It involves analysis of your partner’s website with whom you are going to link up and search engine penalties, if any. A link building strategy should be planned well in advance before going for any link building campaign. Such research and analysis will surely help you in evaluating opportunities and to make better links. For instance, suppose you are dealing with real estate. So, in such case a rational appeal is that you should make links with such related websites or any finance prone website rather than connecting with any pharmaceutical website. Thus, link building services serve three major purposes i.e. ameliorate your website search engine ranking visibility, drive up truckloads of traffic to your website and thirdly, link popularity.
Speaking broadly, there are three link building services that need to be considered while selecting a link building service. Following are the links:
1. One way Link Building Service: This type of link building is done in a way that your website’s link is placed on another relevant websites regardless of asking you to give any back links in return. It involves:
a.) Directories: It is the tremendously the best way of getting of accomplishing qualitative one way links. In this, your website’s link is listed in the most pertinent categories of web directories. It increases link popularity and helps you in achieving advanced positing in search engine result pages.

b.) Article Submission: It is also one of the powerful methods of getting higher position in search engine result pages. In this your qualitative articles are submitted to article directories for publication. In this way you get number of back links to your website along with anchor text.

c.) Press Releases: Write and submit press releases announcing important events of your business to websites accepting press releases. In this way you get one way link.

2. Reciprocal Link Building Service: It involves two way and three way link building service. In reciprocal link building, your website’s link is placed on another relevant websites but you are also asked to place links of those websites on your site. This method requires considerable time and effort as it involves searching of websites with whom you are going to exchange links.
In nutshell, link building proves to be the significant strategy in achieving superior position in search engine result pages and to make traffic visit your website. In this way you increase your prospects and chances of flourishing your business.


Competitive scenario of today born out of globalization has been igniting the passion amongst businessmen to be on the top. Following this today people have been using one of the most important marketing sources called “internet”. Using this, traffic has been flocking different websites according to their requirements. But websites are numerous and search engine shows websites on the basis of ranking in a particular order. So, in order to increase search engine ranking and the desire to make one’s website appear frequently on the list and on the top the techniques of on page optimization is being used.
On page optimization refers to the way of structuring one’s webpage to enhance search engine ranking. A webpage consists of certain elements and those elements need to be structured effectively so that search engine can find the particular website for specific keyword(s). The basic purpose of one page optimization is to reinforce a particular website on demand of keywords and to enhance its position in search engine. Undoubtedly, on page optimization is one of the appropriate marketing strategies to increase the search engine ranking of your website and to hit your website again and again for particular keywords. On page optimization includes certain factors or elements that need to be changed or ponder upon.
Following is the list of factors:
Title tag: It is one of the most important factors that need to be considered in on pages optimization. Title tag should be relevant. Moreover, make sure that each of your webpage should have maximum of three keywords in your title tag. Scores of keywords may be considered as spam or junk by search engines.
Header tag: A header tag is the title of the subject matter or content placed on the webpage. It is H1 header tag. One must always keep it in mind that the entire page is read by search engine from top to bottom; therefore H1 header tag must hold most significant keyword and should be located on the top of the page leading to chances of more traffic.
Besides, if one wants to add sub head to its webpage then create another header tag “H2” and put second most significant word into it.
Page Content: It must be ensured that the keyword is running right through the page content. Keywords should be used in natural way. Always try to put primary or most important keywords in first or second sentence of the content. For instance, using your keyword once or twice in a big paragraph is appropriate. Excessive use of keywords in content makes content artificial and hence should not be used.
Alt tag: Alt tag on images must hold your keywords. Similar keywords should not be used to each image as it may be taken as spam by search engine.
Meta Description tag: It is the short description of a particular website which is incorporated or listed by search engine in its search result pages. Therefore, description should be written efficaciously as it helps in ameliorating the position of website. Description ranging from 2 to 3 sentences is sufficient. Long description should be avoided. Description should be so well written that it stimulates people to visit your website by clicking to it.
Thus, on page optimization is directly linked to structure and content of website. Hence, it is an important part of search engine optimization.

Off page optimization

Link, Link, and Link ….Yes, the perfect word to describe off page optimization strategy. In layman terms, off page optimization involves back linking.

Off page optimization is a technique or strategy which is done off the page to enhance webpage search engine ranking. Off page optimization is not performed directly on the page. It is done to gain visibility in search engine results. Following are factors that play prominent role in off page optimization:

Link: It is used by search engine so as to serve the purpose of indexing the website. The primary work of off page optimization is to increase back links count. Back links mean links to one’s website from other websites. More the number of links to your website more will be the position of your website. Back links are segregated in two types:
a.)One way link: The term in itself is explanatory. It connotes that the owner of a relevant website links to your webpage regardless of asking you to make any link back in return.
b.)Reciprocal Link: It is based on the phenomenon of “give and take.” It says that links are placed by the owners of relevant websites to your website and in return link back is given to the particular owner.
Though reciprocal links seem beneficial but keep it in mind that search engines always give more weight to one way link over reciprocal.

Anchor text: It is the text or hypertext which is placed on the link on the partner’s website with which you exchanged link. This text will be clickable link to one’s website. One must ensure that this anchor text must have primary keyword(s). There are certain cases in which entire pertinent keywords can not be put in anchor text, either because of length factor or any other factor; so in such cases keywords should be put in title tag. It is also noted that if the anchor text is irrelevant or say it holds irrelevant keywords then it causes position loss of website.

Google Page Rank: While building back links don’t forget to go through Google page rank of a particular website. This could be done using Google toolbar. More the high page rank relevant websites linked to you more will be the prospects of your website to attain high ranking in Google. There is no specific guidelines concerning back links but it is suggested to make 5 to 10 back links every day to ensure safety.

Article Writing: It is one of the best ways to get truckloads of traffic. Write articles and submit those articles to article directories for publication. Don’t forget to mention link to your website in articles resource box. In this way, it would serve dual purpose. It will not only help you to get the benefit of one way linking but will also drive the intended traffic to your website.

Directories: In order to get back links, it is also suggested to submit website’s links to directories. Following are 3 kinds of listings which are generally offered by directories:
a. Paid Listing
b. Free Listing
c. Free Listing but asks for link back in return.

As far as first and third options are concerned, your link will be listed within days; provided it confirms to the guidelines and rules of the directories. On the contrary if you pick second option you will have to wait for long and even then also listing are not assured.

Press Release: It is also a significant way of getting one way links. Simply, just write and submit press releases announcing important events concerning your business along with a link to your website. Search and find out which websites accept press releases.

There were days when on page optimization was considered more important than off page optimization. But today on page optimization has been over abusing to; as a result off page optimization holds more importance and performs vital role in success of search engine optimization.