Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some awkward truth about SEO

Many times you have listen that how you can use SEO tools to enhance your site's Google ranking and in return you can get a successful business. All you can get this free or at some cost.

While such programs always come under 'SCAM' category.But its truth that SEO is only the path of getting your business success.If you have website then you need traffic and SEO can fetch it.But there are some awkward truth about SEO that most of the newbies igorned them.
Here are all listed :

SEO need Time : Many of us especially newbies think of getting fast reward and many also claims of getting site's rank high within 3-4 months but from my experience i think it all need times and patience in this competitive internet market.

Paid Links : Your competitor can get success by buying links because paid links work.This method break the 'Google' rules' but this is called life in SEO.That is very commen in general life that people and get success as a result.Now you may be irritated about this or sharpen on your won efforts.

Top SERPs : We all want top SERPs for some keywords by our hard work and patience but we can't all get them because the fact is, there is only one spot on top and only one person can get them.

So it may take long time or hundred miles of journey of getting top SERPs but it is not just end. The important is that how you can get your business successful by using those SERPs in a right way.

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